In our laundry, we use Faultless detergent. It is a low alkaline, enzyme product engineered specifically to achieve cleaner shirts, longer fabric life 

This page was last updated: April 13, 2016
To find out how much better your laundered shirts can look and feel, bring them to Dry Cleaning Station. Our starch formula will give your 100% cotton and polyester-blend shirts a crisp look and comfortable feel. We do our best to remove stains, then check for any missing, cracked or chipped buttons and replace them — at no additional charge!

The look and feel of your shirts makes a difference in how you feel. We process shirts the way you like them, from starch preference to packaging and free button replacement. And if you require a hand finished shirt, we also have deluxe hand-pressing service available. Your shirts will be cleaner, whiter, brighter, fresher and more satisfying to wear. Bring your shirts to us, and we'll give them back the “WOW!” they had when they were brand new.

Are you a frequent traveler? Dry Cleaning Station owner Tom Keenze, having logged over 2 million frequent flyer miles, has learned a thing or two about packing. We offer our Road Warrior Service™ at a small additional cost for shirts and trousers to make your traveling life easier. Ask for details.

Like your jeans to stand up by themselves. Dry Cleaning Station does them right. Our jeans service is second to none, whether you like extra heavy starch, or none at all, we'll make a believer out of you.