Residential and Commercial Delivery Services (Owasso Store)
Why Try our FREE pick up and delivery service?

It's Free ... really! Pay the same price as in our store.
It's convenient - you don't even have to be home.
It's easy to pay. Your cleaning is charged directly to your Visa / MC / Amex / Discover card.

You can use your Home Delivery bags to drop off items at our store in Owasso, or call the store (918-272-9950) for those 'special needs'.

Answers to FAQ's:

Is there any extra cost? Absolutely not!

Where are my clothes picked up? At your front door or another suitable weather-protected location.

How do I let you know I have an order to pick up? We send you a text reminder on your service day. All you have to do is reply with "Y". If you don't need a pickup, no reply is necessary.

Is there a minimum order? No.

What do I put my clothes in? We provide a Dry Cleaning Station Delivery Bag.

Do I have to be home when my clothes are delivered? No. We return your items to the agreed location at your home of office.

When will my clothes be picked up and dropped off? Owasso customers are served on Tuesdays and Fridays. All other locations are served on Mondays and Thursdays.

What about Holidays? We will inform you of any necessary schedule changes.

What do I do with all my extra hangers? We will proice you with a hanger recycling caddy. When it is full, leave it with your order and we will pick it up and leave a new one.

What do I do about a special request? Leave a detailed note in your bag, identifying the specific garment along with your instructions.

Do you do alterations? Yes. Pin instructions to the garment that needs alterations. Return times can vary depending on the complexity of the alteration.

How do I pay for the service? Your cleaning is charged directly to your credit card.

How do you keep my credit card information safe? We use the latest PCI compliant encryption and authentication services for all of our transactions to insure the safety of your credit card information.

How do I sign up? Click the "Sign Up for Service" button on the upper left navigation menu. 

How does it work? For residential delivery, first thing the morning of your service day, you put your garments in one of our free valet bags and leave it in a place to which we have mutually agreed. You do not have to be home. We will pick up the bag later in the day. On the next service day, we return your order, properly cleaned and pressed. To accommodate the returned garments, we provide metal wreath hangers. These are usually placed on an exterior door which is protected from weather. We hang returned garments and valet bag(s) on the wreath hangers. Your order will be waiting for you when you return home. Some customers provide us with gate codes where needed, and we can also use garage door codes and return orders inside your garage.

Commercial pickup and delivery specifics are negotiated with the appropriate parties to minimize disruption in the workplace. Call us to discuss your specific needs.