The process called dry cleaning is so-named because garments go in dry and come out dry. During the process however, all items are washed in a special solution which carries detergent and sizing through fabrics.

We dry clean garments and other items in the finest equipment the industry has to offer using the GreenEarth© process (www.greenearthcleaning.com). GreenEarth©  is the only environmentally friendly dry cleaning process in use in Oklahoma today. Any Oklahoma cleaner not using the GreenEarth©  process and claiming to be "green" is simply not being honest. All non-GreenEarth© cleaners in Oklahoma are using either perchlorethylene or DF-2000 dry cleaning solvents. These are classed as volatile organic compounds by the U.S. E.P.A., and as such are not friendly to the environment. We are the first and still the only GreenEarth© licensee in the Tulsa area and the only Certified Green cleaner.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our biodegradable and odorless dry cleaning solution is perfect for use each and every time. We use only active-clay filtered and distilled liquid silicone to maintain bright colors and produce odor-free dry cleaned garments. And the process is safe for delicate fabrics and those with sequins, beads or other fancy trim.

Our GreenEarth© solvent is continuously filtered for clarity and to help prevent graying of light fabrics. An on-board computer injects specially formulated detergents and sizing during the cleaning cycle to brighten colors, remove soil, soften fabric, reduce static build-up, and restore the original luster and body of your fine garments. We drape sweaters over a strut hanger covered with acid-free tissue paper at no extra charge. We'll fold or hang your golf shirts, and if hung, we put them on special over-sized polo hangers that minimize “hanger puckers” on the shoulders. We use special shoulder-saver hangers for all suit coats and jackets. Then we put your garments in biodegradable poly bags, or in reusable nylon garment/valet bags, if you choose. We even use biodegradable plastic shirt hangers that have special collar support built in. 

But more than all this, because you want your items to be ready to wear when you pick them up, we remove all the tags we use to track and process your garments properly. If we notice loose hems, missing buttons or a split seam during our inspection, we'll repair your garment at no charge.

We believe that's how it should be. We take pride in our competitive pricing. Sure, some cleaners offer lower prices. But there is no smarter choice or better value in Owasso, Claremore, Verdigris, Catoosa, Tulsa, Broken Arrow or Skiatook than Dry Cleaning Station! Located at the corner of care and satisfaction. Trust us for amazing service and the look you want at fair prices.

This page was last updated: April 13, 2016